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Vehicle Inspection: Report includes date, location of inspection, complete registration number, license number, unrelated damage, parts replacements listed will be made in strict accordance with the manufacture’s specifications and recommendations listed through Mitchell Estimating System. Marr Appraisal will email complete package to adjuster or upload to website of your choice.


Included with package: Photographs to depict up close of damaged area indicated on assignment, photo of registration number, mileage when available, four corner photos.


We utilized Mitchell estimating system which is equipped with QRP which searches for LKQ parts and aftermarket parts. LKQ replacement parts and aftermarket will be utilized in repairs and/or replacement of damaged sheet metal parts on all model vehicles per company guidelines.

Mitchell gives accurate time allowances less overlap for included operations. Accurate repair time allowances will be established in hours. Mitchell paint and material guide will be utilized when requested.


Depreciation: Depreciation will be taken on old damage as well as any other items the appraiser feels are applicable.


Sublet Items: Whenever possible, outside specialty shops, glass shops, trim shops, vinyl top replacement centers
Will be utilized. Glass prices based on Nags will be utilized unless OEM or LKQ is less expensive.


Appraisal Recap: The repair facility’s labor rate being applied, local tax rate. All towing and storage bills will be verified and copies will be obtained for the adjuster.


Agreed Prices: All appraisals will be agreed with a reputable body shop of the owners choice. If an agreed figure could not be obtained the adjuster will be notified.


Authorization to Repair of Disassemble: Under no circumstance will authorization be given to a shop to make repairs or to disassemble a unit. The owner must authorize repair or disassemble at the shop of his choice. This is clearly written on all estimates.


Appraisal Distribution: Complete package will be emailed to assigning adjuster or uploaded to web site of choice. One copy will be emailed or mailed to the insured or claimant. A copy will be emailed or faxed to the shop.


Total Losses: Actual Cash value will be determined through Nada value, CCC, or ADP, according to company procedures. Vehicle will be deemed a total loss at 75% of ACV. Old damage report will be submitted with report with old damage itemized and a deduction taken per regulation 216.7 (b)(9).
Fleet Vehicles will be considered a total loss when repairs exceed 50% of NADA Wholesale Book Value.


Salvage: On all total losses 3 salvage bids will be obtained with name of salvor, telephone number and address.
We will obtain permission from the owner and move salvage when requested.

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