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Home Vehicle Equipment List: Optional equipment and aftermarket equipment


Road Testing: When needed: includes check of engine, brakes, transmission and suspension systems. The purpose is to check out the mechanical condition of the power train and is usually accomplished in a parking lot environment.


Under Hood Component: Includes belts, hoses, battery, cooling system, filters, power steering, a/c, exhaust system, engine components, charging system and fluids.


Glass component: Check for cracks, chips, scratches and minor damage.


Accessories Equipment condition: Inspect to see that all devices are present and operating properly.


Luggage Compartment: Includes Inspection of jack and other tools, spare tire and luggage floor mat.


Passenger Compartment Condition: Examination of carpets, seats, headliner, dashboard and other surfaces for stains, cracks, or wear.


Exterior Body Condition: Check for damage to body panels, trim and frame.


Paint Condition: Includes check for scratches, discoloration, fading or paint flaws.


Tire Condition: Check for wear, damage and mismatched tires.

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